Un-iconing an icon.

I really like #Wipro. I really like #AzimPremji. I really want to like the new Wipro identity, but I can’t.

The new identity looks like a combination of a generic font and an even generic free stock logo (try searching “dots in a circle logo” online, you will know what I mean) The use of the “O” and the dot on top of the “i” are visually appealing, but the font is not even remotely as memorable as the old font. That font had some character, wish it was modified or modernized instead of this.

The old rainbow sunflower had to go, but replacing it with this rainbow of dots is silly, tomorrow when they start using this identity without the dots – this identity will have no identity!

The new identity may have some visual appeal but overall it’s a missed opportunity to create an iconic identity for an iconic brand.