Branding Strategy & Design

360° Branding, Design, Strategy & Communication

When we create a brand, we consider every possible brand touch-point. What we create will always work seamlessly across all mediums – whether print, digital, environment or an experience.

Three key words that define our offerings; everything from the conception of a brand to ensuring it stays true to what it stands for. Brand Creation is a process that makes sure your vision and your target audiences’ mindset are aligned, whilst differentiating you from competitors.

Brand Adaption ensures your brand is communicating its message both accurately and malleably. The ability to stay connected with your target audience, remain relevant with the changing environment and still stay true to what you stand for is a brand’s greatest strength.

Brand Creation and Adaptation appear to be lucrative investments, but in the process Brand Preservation is often neglected. With Brand Preservation, we ensure that your Brand is constantly evolving and adapting to meet new demands.

Beauty alone does not make a brand. It’s our brand’s IQ and EQ that allows for you to sustain and grow despite the increasing competition. At A Brand New Day, we believe it is our job to make your brand both intelligent and emotionally adaptable to your target audience.

By definition, to Creolize is to combine local and foreign elements into a new, distinct whole. We understand that brands are multifaceted. Our objective, through every brand creation, adaptation or preservation process, is to create a stalwart, consistent platform for your brand’s various facets.

We believe, that with this backing, no matter which facet/s you choose to bring to the forefront, your brand will have the power to narrate a consistent story across industries, mediums and audiences.

In the process of brand creolization the Lynchpin is the most crucial part. By definition, a Lynchpin is something that holds the various elements of a complicated structure together. The Lynchpin is the central brand concept in accordance to which all tools of brand Creation, Adaptation and Preservation adhere.

Time management is one of our key areas of focus. It is a constant endeavour to streamline our processes in such a manner that we are able to do justice to every phase of a project, whilst adhering to client deadlines.

At A Brand New Day, we consider our outlook to be that of Time Investors.