Our Partners, Our Collaborators.

Since opening our doors in 2010, we’ve worked with local, national and international organizations across major industries. A Brand New Day’s clients and collaborators are shaping the future of their respective industries.


No client is too big or too small - they are always the perfect fit for us. We are fortunate to have such an eclectic client base; we thrive on the perennial challenge, it pushes us to be curious and thus knowledgeable.


Mentioned here are few of our esteemed clients.

What Clients Say

When I first interacted with the founders of A Brand New Day, Kunal and Priyanka, I was convinced about their creative abilities. We assessed several brand solution companies across the city, which in the end it boiled down to ABND’s passion for their subject that made us pick them over their competition. Being a new institute ourselves, niche in our own offerings, made ABND the right fit. Our priority was fresh ideas and new thought and ABND has been able to deliver on those counts. Working with them has been a tremendous journey of mutual growth. Both the founders bring something different to the table in terms of ideas and creative expression. It brings out the best solution for the clients in the end. It has brought about the best solution for us.
Tejas Patani, FLAME / Enam
A Brand New Day takes a leap into images, textures, forms and shapes, which has simplicity, elegance & evocation
Dr. Indira Parekh, FLAME - Founder Director
The team at A Brand New Day is smart, young and creative – an absolute pleasure to work with.
Sri Krishna, Birla Edutech - CEO
 A Brand New Day did an incredible job in creating the brand for The Furniture Factory. They managed to develop an iconic brand with high recollection value whilst showcasing a sense of dynamism, innovation and creativity. Our brand interacts with our audience with great dexterity. It has the rare ability to engage and excite through multiple mediums whilst being consistent to our brand proposition; our logo, communication collaterals and space are all indisputably reflective of this. We remain engaged with A Brand New Day and are excited to see the unlimited opportunities of our brand unravel as our business gains momentum.
Abhishek Dugar, Kayane Group - President
You guys have done a fantastic job!!! We felt your approach to the project was excellent, and you did a lot more than we asked, the little things like the research audit have added so much value, and the overall result has also been fantastic. There is a lot of familiarity with the name Lazzaro, most people feel they’ve heard of it. Besides the name, the logo and the applications are very elegant, and is appreciated by whoever sees them. You have created our most valuable asset and put us at par with some of the largest names in the industry!
Rishabh Patel, Artabroch Ceramics - Director
A Brand New Day has proven to be a ‘one-stop solution’ for all of our design needs.  A young, dynamic and great team to work with – they have understood the essence of our brand like no other firm and made it shine brightly through their work.
Aditya Kumar, Oaktree International School - Director


We were seeking an innovative approach to convey the freshness, which is at the core of PescaFresh’s unique offering.  Under Priyanka’s direction A Brand New Day rapidly grew to understand the essence of PescaFresh and presented credible options for marketing collateral and produced the first PescaFresh product menu.  A Brand New Day certainly has the capacity to think out of the box.
Gul Mukhey, Pesca Fresh - Board Director

Alok Industries (Textile / Retail)

Alembic Pharmaceuticals (Pharmaceutical)

Amar Remedies (Healthcare / FMCG)

Art Village (Art / Property)

Artabroch Ceramics (Retail / Tableware)

Ashok Birla International School (Education)

Bagzone (Retail / Fashion)

Bharat (Infrastructure / Construction)

CRA Architects (Architecture)

Connectables (Education)

D-Link (Hardware / IT)

Dinesh Shahra Foundation (NGO)

Electra Estates (Construction)

Enam Securities Pvt. Ltd. (Finance)

FLAME (Education)

Fuse India (Publication / Education)

GrabaGrub (Service / Food & Beverage)

Grab (Logistics / Start-up)

India Bar Inc. (Event / Food & Beverage)

Indus Intex Pvt. Ltd. (Textile / Fashion)

Jessi Group Chennai (Publishing / IT)

Karishma Kimatrai (Fashion)

Kayane Group (Furniture / Retail)

Kickstart Entertainment (Event)

Kinita Kadakia (Fitness / Author)

Khemka Foundation (NGO)

Lavie (Retail / Fashion)

Lazzaro (Retail / Tableware)

Live Your Sport (Sports / Ecommerce)

London Business School (Education)

Meal Pyramid (Fitness / Retail)

McCain’s (FMCG / Food & Beverage)

MyDentist (Healthcare / Retail)

Oaktree International School (Education)

Packam (Group / Manufacturing)

Pesca Fresh (Service / Food & Beverage)

Piramal & Sons (Infrastructure)

Piramal Girls School (Education)

Precision (Group / Manufacturing)

The Furniture Factory (Retail / Furniture)

Rachanaa Group (Infrastructure / Group)

Rai (RKKR Group) (Group / Steel)

Royalti (Real Estate / Service)

Ruchi Soya (Group / Agriculture / FMCG)

Sagar Arts (Film / TV / Entertainment)

SF Dyes (Dyes & Chemicals)

Shiraz Siddiqui (Fashion Designer)

Shloka Birla School (Education)

Siddhu Schools Chennai (Education)

Sila (Service / Facility Management)

SKP Group (Finance / Accounting)

Sunanda Birla International (Education)

Silver Foliage (Agriculture / Landscape)

Sugadaddy (Retail / Food & Beverage)

Taksha Group (Infrastructure / Construction)

The Furniture Factory (Retail / Furniture)

The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (NGO)

Yash Birla Group (Group / Education)