We build on ambition
. We always seek to deliver innovative work that is both strategically relevant and outstandingly creative. If the work doesn’t meet our standards, it doesn’t see the light of day.

We nurture convictions
. We always start by asking “why?” because if we believe in the brands we design, so will consumers.

We value initiative
. We’re not afraid to challenge client expectations in order to find the right answers and break new boundaries.

We question everything (even our own ideas). We’re pretty sure that when we stop being curious, we’ll be dead. Besides, we find that asking good questions is the single, most effective way to ensure that our clients get the best results.

We collaborate. Let’s face it: when you come to us, you’re the brand expert. We’re here to bring fresh insight and creative brilliance. The magic happens when we all participate in the process.

We have a 360° approach. When we create a brand, we consider every possible brand touch-point, what we create will always work seamlessly across all mediums – whether print, digital, environment or an experience.

How long does it take to build a house? It depends on what type of house you’re building. The same principle applies to the complexity and volume of brand and design process.

Before we start any project we give our client a detailed timeline that gives you an indicative idea of how long would it take for the entire project to complete. This timeline includes feedback and information time allocated to your team to provide us with the tools to enable us to be efficient.

At A Brand New Day we pride ourselves on sticking to deadlines; we promise you won’t be disappointed.

The project cost will depend on your unique project requirements.

Once we meet with a Client, we typically draw out a Scope of Work that we deem appropriate for you. Based on your edits and approval we will propose a cost.

If your budget needs us to confine the Scope, we are happy to aid you in suggestions that will not compromise the quality of the output.

We choose to work on a limited number of projects at any given point of time, which allows us to give due attention to each project.

Every project is led by one of the Directors along with a Studio Head under who a team of designers suited to your specific needs work.

At A Brand New Day we are committed to quality work. We do not discriminate based on the size of a company or financial margins; all projects are treated with the same degree of attention and respect just as all outputs are an equal matter of pride.

Along with what is committed to you in our scope of work and project deliverables, we typically kick off every project with a brand, design and strategy workshop that involves understanding all key stakeholders. We really like to immerse ourselves into your brand, until we can think with and for you.

A Brand New Day prides itself on delivering well beyond the scope and you will find our team accommodating to all your requests to the best of their ability. Our team’s mind-set is that of partnering with our clients; once we’re onboard don’t be surprised if you receive more ideas than you expected!

Once the project is completed we not only hand over to our client any documentation that was committed in our scope of work but we also offer a Brand Debrief session with all stakeholders. The Debrief session aids you to share your new brand with the people who will exude it.

Design is not a commodity. Branding and design are malleable processes; there is not a one-size-fits-all service. Thus, matching a price does not work in our context.

Our charges are based on straightforward mathematic processes, which factor in the scope of work along man-hours required for varying levels of our team.

Project cost is based on project scope and a total will be agreed upon prior to project commencement.

All projects require an advance payment, which accounts as a portion of the total payment. Any delays caused by client’s end will be chargeable as agreed upon by both parties in the initial proposal. During the project period, if there is an additional requirement from the client’s end, A Brand New Day will propose an additional charge for the same.

We never reuse, recycle or up-cycle any rejected idea for another client. A Brand New Day has a strict policy – work done for one client can never be used for another. These concepts are filed along with all other data from the same project.

No. We have a strict No commission / No kickback policy.

It is a common practice to charge a 15-20% commission on recommendation of a vendor such as a printer, developer or contractor. However we have a strict No commission / No kickback policy.

Our fee structure is transparent. We believe in partnering with our clients and as partners we believe it is our responsibility to get you the best quality and rates with no monetary gain.