Branding Companies in India

A Brand New Manifesto

  • A brand is more than a mere logo, it is who you are Every brand is unique.
  • No two brands can be defined the same way A brand is a confluence of experiences therefore no single manifestation can define it.
  • Your brand should evolve just as you do; consistent evaluation and change are key to a successful brand.
  • A brand’s reputation is much like a persons; one bad decision is likely to get more noticed than ten good ones.
  • Brand building is about connecting ostensibly disparate elements into germane vision.
  • A brand can only be successful if it is relevant to its audience.
  • Only a good listener can make a profitable brand.
  • Attitude is as important as skill.
  • Quality is more important than money.
  • Details are a necessity, not a choice.
  • Ideas are limitless; don’t ever trust anyone who runs out of them.