Project Description

Company Background
Alok Industries India’s largest fully integrated textile company with a turnover of over Rs.8,900 crores. They export to over 80 countries and have won numerous awards and accolades. In India, Alok Industries is the foremost protective-wear manufacturing company that offers a large collection of protective fabric/garment solutions to militaries and various industries.

Project Overview
Alok Industries approached us with an aim to create standardized branding for their line of products. The challenge here was that the material composition of the protective wear fluctuated depending on the country it was being exported to. Product customization was so high that people did not identify the product but only the supplier. This hindered the company’s plans to expand the product into new markets.



The Game Plan
Alok Industries had the expertise, experience and top quality merchandise. What it needed was an identifiable product line for its protective wear and more importantly a brand architecture that made product classification easier.  The brand architecture had to be developed keeping into consideration geographical and government mandates, the existing as well as future clients. It was crucial for Alok Industries to establish a brand that stood amid the clutter, while also connecting with its customers.



The Process Going Forward
The key objective was clear – to brand one of the largest protective wear product lines and create a strong brand architecture to streamline the business. To move this forward, we conducted an extensive brand workshop, brand audit, market and competition research. The purpose of the workshop was for us to gain clarity with regards to business goals, communication objectives, key product USPs and to establish brand concept and positioning of the product line.

Building A Brand Identity
Based on the workshop and the brainstorming sessions we crafted the brand positioning to match business strategy. This concept and positioning then led to creating a product name, identity design, tone of voice and most essential for this project – the brand architecture. The brand architecture was formed based on product type, industry application, material composition, textile usage and market demand. It was crafted to be flexible enough so as to extend itself to additional lines in the future as well. Moreover, the new line was branded to be easily understandable, standardised, and also customisable if so needed. We created “Protechnik”which includes four key ranges – Flame Retardant, Electric Arc Resistant, High Visibility and Defence Textile.