Project Description

Environment branding, way-finding and signage system for a state-of-the-art 36,000 sq. feet Vivekananda Library at FLAME (Foundation for Liberal And Management Education), Pune

Our first challenge in designing anything for the space was to truly understand the architecture. We learnt that Vivekananda library forms part of an architecturally profound complex. The spaces are expansive and soothing accentuation by sunlight adeptly filtering in. The openness of the layout lends itself to ideal space utilization of each zone. The spacious main reading atrium ensures that each area is visible from several angles.

Grasping an understanding of the space allowed us to pave a design solution for the way-finding and signage system for the Library which fit seamlessly. The idea behind the solution was to create a system that was functional without taking away from the existing aesthetic of the space.

Every design element was conceptualized from design to material with utmost sensitivity to contribute towards the openness of the space; the clever dichotomy of being camouflaged along with being easily comprehendible.