Project Description

The foundation of FLAME is built upon the keystone of1 revolutionizing the Indian education sector. An academic institution that inspires imagination and innovative thinking, FLAME fosters an environment of creativity, passion and zeal to learn. To help achieve this, they’re equipped with faculty and student exchange programs from the best institutions worldwide, in addition to affiliations with top universities of the world like Harvard University, Wharton School, Stanford University and more.

A pioneer of Liberal Education in India, FLAME is one of the most reputed and respected universities in the country with a focus on experiences, originality, learning and self-discovery.

Project Overview
FLAME began its journey years ago as a forerunner of Liberal Education in India. However, by the time they decided to rebrand themselves as FLAME University, several competing institutions offered Liberal Education as part of their curriculum as well. In an attempt to set themselves apart from clutter, they looked to rebrand with a new focus – ‘Diversity of the Mind’.

The Game Plan
The first step in our plan moving forward was gleaning what the stakeholder perspective about the brand was. In order to do this, we carried out extensive, in-depth qualitative research with 4 key stakeholders – the faculty, parents, students (FLAME and non-FLAME) and alumni, through a process that involved interviewing over 300 people. The insights we gathered here regarding the university and its competition became the basis for a fresh brand concept and brand communication strategy.



Diversity of the Mind – The New Way Forward
The central theme and vision we crafted for the ‘new’ brand of FLAME University was ‘Diversity of the Mind’. This fresh brand thought revolved around the seamless linking of diverse subject areas upon one unified platform, thereby creating a culture of free and open thought by breaking barriers of run-of-the-mill, one dimensional learning. This brand concept was then translated to a brand identity and later extended to other applications as well. ‘Diversity of Thought’ now became the principle all members of the FLAME family were encouraged to imbibe.

Building the Brand Identity – Diversity of the Mind


The FLAME University crest incorporates the brand’s multidimensional learning culture that is built on the bedrock of a multifaceted Liberal Education structure. Fashioned around a dynamic ‘F’, the new crest draws inspiration from the core concept of education at FLAME – as being inter-disciplinary and diverse.

The visual language echoes the passion and devotion FLAME has towards the journey of constant learning, that is rich in diversity, unique in variety, and spirited in its dynamism. This visual style has also been extended to multiple brand applications such as brand communication, merchandise and spatial design.


flame university

stationery compiles




Window Signage Mock-Up