Project Description

Company Background
Grab launched in 2012 as Grab-a-Grub, a restaurant directory and delivery service that operated on a B2C Business Model. In 2014, they changed and adopted a B2B Model in order to scale and expand the business; Grab was now servicing not just the food industry but also pharmacies, grocers, e-commerce, etc all over India. The business had now evolved into a solution for anyone who required last-mile delivery service.


Project Overview
To take this rebranding exercise forward, Grab-A-Grub partnered with A Brand New Day, and we worked with them to facilitate establishing this new business model amongst their now, new customer base. For us, the challenge was twofold –

  • We needed to shift the perception the market had of Grab-A-Grub from just food, to an all-encompassing hyper local and last-mile delivery service
  • Grab-A-Grub was already established, recognised in the market, and enjoyed a loyal fan base

Taking these challenges into consideration, ABND found that during the process of rebranding, changing the name ‘Grab-A-Grub’ to something else would be far from ideal, and result in the company losing its brand equity and market recognition.

The Game Plan
While conducting market research we realised that most customers colloquially called the company “Grab”, instead of Grab-a-Grub. We took advantage of this and decided to simply change the name to Grab. This new brand name was simple, catchy and lent itself to instant recall.

Under the new business model, Grab would operate as a service for the merchant, and not the customer. The branding objective was to project Grab as a last-mile delivery service, not just for restaurants, but also for pharmacies, grocers, e-commerce companies and any businesses that required such a service.

Building A Brand Identity
Grab was still a Start Up in a market unfamiliar with an operating model of this nature, which meant that communication frequency would be a little low. To counteract this, it was imperative that the design be visually exciting and highly impactful. The visual style we developed showcased what the business stood for – everything we developed from the icons to geo markers, were all used to depict the nature of the business. This new visual identity was then used across all communication material.



The logo and tagline

We wanted the logo to be young, fresh and easy to understand. It stems from the idea of a hand grabbing a geo marker. We further developed a custom typeface that accompanied and matched the symbol. Overall, its uniqueness and visual impact are what make it memorable. The tagline “delivery in minutes!” was introduced to further highlight last-mile delivery as well as differentiate it from conventional logistics companies.



Client-specific communication messaging
We had to ensure that the right message was going to the correct audience. For instance, the message targeted to E-commerce clients couldn’t be the same as that communicated to restaurants. And so, we had to develop different communication materials for the different clientele that Grab now catered to.


UI/UX for the website and mobile application
We developed and designed Grab’s website with a user-friendly interface, an easy content management system and a design style that was in sync with the new brand identity. In addition to this, we also developed 2 mobile applications for Grab – one between Grab and the merchant (where the merchant places the order) and another between Grab and the rider (to ease coordination and ensure efficiency). We’re also in the process of developing yet another application for the end-consumer to use as well.



Infographic creation
ABND also designed simple-to-understand information graphics that illustrated the process and workings of the business. This was used by Grab for recruitment purposes and HR activities, and was also sent out to the merchants for easy understanding.