Project Description

To create a mass market tableware brand that encourages accessibility of beautiful, utilitarian and affordable tableware products.

The central brand concept of Lazzaro was born from an extensive study of the potential target audience. Beauty and utility were choices over brand and status respectively.  This led us to the creation of ‘beautility’, which defined the very core of Lazzaro’s offerings.  The strategy employed to arrive at the name Lazzaro was very clear.  It was to be pronounceable, familiar, aspirational, as well as a good-looking word.

The logo had to lend itself to the application of varied sizes of products, while being readable and true to the brand.  Lazzaro was the amalgam of beauty and utility.  The simple, yet effective logo achieves just this. The collaterals from print to web were designed to be aesthetically beautiful and unique, whilst providing clarity of data, in keeping with the brand message.