Branding Services & Solution

Brands, Spaces & Communication

A Brand New Day is a multidisciplinary design firm specializing in brands, environments and communication. We develop brand systems including visual identities, product & packaging, digital experiences and physical environments. Our designs bring ideas to life, transform brands and help businesses grow and evolve.

We have proprietary processes that allow us to create brands, which not only stand out but more over, stand the test of time. Broadly, this process entails the following facets.


1. Brand Workshop

Management debrief workshops, Employee perception workshop & tools


2. Research

Industry insight studies, Target audience understanding, Competitor analysis, Visual recollection and design impact analysis


3. Brand Lynchpin

Research absorption and assimilation, Data documentation, Target audience profile definition, Core brand concept creation, Test for brand avenues of extendibility


4. Tone of Voice

External brand tone, Internal brand tone, Depiction of extendibility, Brand values and attributes derivation, Showcasing versatility of TOV and Documentation for ease of management


5. Visual Identity

Logo / Visual Identity system, Visual language & graphic styles that support the brand, Print and Publication, Information graphics, Graphic based animations, Product design and Packaging design


6. Brand Naming & Architecture

Brand hierarchy definition, Brand architecture extendibility and flexibility and Brand naming systems


7. Brand Communication

Print and Publication, Outdoor communication, Information graphics, Photography and Copywriting


8. Employee Branding

Brand building modules, Camaraderie and ownership module, Brand touch-points, Employee brand orientation workshops and Uniform design


9. Experience Branding

Translating a brand into a three dimensional environment, Retail experience design, Way-finding and signage system design, Customer-Branding interaction design


10. Branding for New Media

Website design, E-Commerce platform strategy and planning, Search engine optimization and Social media


11. Brand Debrief

Brand launch workshop, Debrief sessions with management and employees, Brand sessions with Human Resource and Brand Docket creation


12. Brand Audit

Internal brand assessment, External brand assessment, Analysis of brand perception, Strategic revision and enhancements and Marketing tools to combat change