Why A Brand New Day?

  • We build on ambition.
    We always seek to deliver innovative work that is both strategically relevant and outstandingly creative. If the work doesn’t meet our standards, it doesn’t see the light of day.
  • We nurture convictions.
    We always start by asking “why?” because if we believe in the brands we design, so will consumers and the stakeholders.
  • We value initiative.
    We’re not afraid to challenge client expectations in order to find the right answers and break boundaries.
  • We question everything (even our own ideas).
    We’re pretty sure that when we stop being curious, we’ll be dead. Besides, we find that asking good questions is the single most effective way to ensure that our clients get the best results.
  • We collaborate.
    Let’s face it: you know your brand better than we do. We’re here to bring fresh insight and creative brilliance. The magic happens when we all participate in the process together.
  • We have a 360° approach.
    When we create a brand, we consider every possible brand touch-point. What we create will always work seamlessly across all mediums – whether print, digital, environment or an experience.